Party time

Yay, you guys are going to have a party!! So much fun that you're getting married :)

Can you imagine that a few months from now, you'll wake up to the thought of seeing all your favorite people in one place (including your most favorite person)? A legendary day on which you'll celebrate, drink wine, hug and dance until you drop! 

So obviously, you'll want someone with a camera to capture all this goodness, right? Because your memories will get a little misty over time, be it because of all the emotions, an overload of impressions or just because of post-wedding life. If you consider having a photographer who loves to laugh and hug, who is easy going and has magical stress-reducing and smile-increasing abilities, you just may have come to the right place.

But wait, first things first: why don't you have a look at a few wedding photographs below? So you'll see if they make your heart beat faster - or maybe they make you want to do the dishes instead, who knows! In that case, no hard feelings but we'd better find out rightaway :) Just scroll down to see some of my favorite shots. Worst case scenario; your dishes will get really clean, so you win either way!

Some of my favorite wedding photographs

Happy words

"Nadia is marvellous. She is sweet, sparkly and it was a party to have her with us on our wedding day. The photographs she took are overwhelmingly beautiful. She immediately understood what kind of atmosphere we were trying to achieve for the photographs. In short: we love Nadia"

- Hans & Yvonne

"You've done a great job, we were very happy with you as our photographer. We looooove all the photos!!! Great colours all around and lots of smiling people, we haven't seen so many laughs in our lives... Thank you, Nadia, for the wonderful memories we will cherish forever! We couldn't have chosen a better and nicer photographer, with such a bubbly personality. Many kisses and hugs!"

- Lennard & Manuela

"Personal, closely involved and with eye for detail, this talented photographer knows how to catch al these precious moments. Such a great gift on your wedding day  "

- Allert & Isabel

My style

Every wedding photographer has their own style. Mine is one with a lot of emotions, eye for detail, shiny brides&grooms but also a LOT of family and friends (because they are the ones that matter to you!).

I've got my own particular style of editing too: warm and colorful, but natural at the same time. Also, tres importante - I love smiles with as much teeth as we can get, and if a really big laugh gives birth to a double chin, I just embrace it because big laughs make me really happy too!

Other photographers may have other specialties and that's great too! Because the main thing is that you find the photographer that fits your characters and wishes. If that would be me, I'd be happy. And if it would be someone else, you'd have my blessing too. Because there's a right fit for everyone, but that doesn't mean that it should be me all the time!

I do wish though that couples with the biggest smiles come to me, so if that's you... If you like parties & hugs, if you don't take yourself too seriously and if you have a warm heart and a lot of teeth: please email me!

Wedding stories

I hope all the photographs of laughing people on this site make you just as happy as they make me! However, you and me both know that a wedding doesn't consist of a few random highlights put together, but it's an entire story on its own. 

And let's see... what makes a good story? Beautiful wedding stories may contain quiet beginnings, wild endings, emotions in the range of pure bliss to occasional tears here&there, they have a variety in settings, a pinch of details. But the most interesting to me are the main characters, their friends and families, and all the fun they have. 

Please consider this humble piece of advice, if you're looking for a wedding photographer (and it surely looks like it!). It's wise to check out if you're attracted to not just the highlights on a photography website, but to how the story of a wedding day is told in its entirety.

To get an idea of how an entire wedding story looks through my festive eyes, I'd encourage you to have a look at the blogposts to the right, so that you can check if we'd be a bubbly fit!

More happy words

"Wow wow wow... Thank you so much Nadia! Not only for the ridiculously beautiful pictures, but also for the great time we had together. The photo shoot with you made the day even more awesome. We’re very lucky bastards, having had you as our wedding photographer!"

- Max & Marion

"Waaaahhhh!! The pictures turned out to be seriously crazy amazing! So special, beautiful, creative, unique and original! Thank you very much, we are mega happy with them, and we can’t wait to show all of them to our friends and family! You are so talented... Words cannot express how we feel, thanks a lot! You are the most awesome and best photographer we could have wished for!"

- Dennis & Bjelke

"We had a brilliant day, and wanted to say that we really enjoyed having you there. You were great with all our guests and us, and we have had a lot of comments about how good the photos are. Thanks for all your hard work Nadia, you’re a legend."

- Neil & Lonneke


I'm tempted to say that photographs are priceless. However, in reality, prices start at €1795 for 6 hours of photography. This gets you:

  • my very own self at your wedding, complete with 9 years of experience and inspiration, 2 cameras, 7 lenses and a really good mood
  • a mini surprise wedding album of 15x20cm with 10 pages
  • a sneak preview with a few of my favorite shots, around 1 week after the wedding
  • at least 250 high resolution digital files (and more if I've got more nice ones!)
  • a fancy schmancy gallery that stays online for at least a year (but probably longer, see this VIP-area)
  • travel expenses within the Netherlands

Of course, you can always have me for more hours (up to 15hours straight! After that, I'm officially in shock), you can have a bigger album, a same-day slideshow etc. If you want to know aaaall the details, just drop me a line when you're finished with this site, and I'd be happy to send you the full price list!

Wedding albums

Imagine a nasty natural disaster hitting your house, what are you going to save first...? Okay, maybe your fellow humans first, then pets, but after that? Yups, your photo albums. 

Photo albums never go out of style. My wedding albums are made to stand the test of time, generations of drooling toddlers, bottles of wine and fingerprints. Pretty darn sure they'll survive and age better than you and I, haha! 

Prices start at €400 for a 20x20cm album with 30 pages.

Sweet words about wedding albums

"Dear Nadia, the words to describe how happy we are with this amazing album have not been invented yet. Thank you for this gorgeous story of our wedding! We enjoyed the album every day the last few weeks, and all our friends were deeply impressed too!

Our parents were also really surprised and delighted with the albums that they got from us for Christmas. Thanks again for all your work, the love and time you put in our photographs. It’s very precious to us!”

- Coen & Geke

"Wow wow wow, this is so terrific Nadia!! The albums have become so beautiful!! 

The result is even more astonishing than we could have ever imagined. The album does the photographs much more justice than the computer screen; we could not have wished for a better way to celebrate our wedding day.

Thank you dear Nadia for everything, you're the best. We hope that you’ll make many more people as happy as we are now :)"

- Cor Willem & Frieda

"Wow, these albums look pretty and so amazing!! We showed them to our family and everyone was flabbergasted, they had never seen anything like this! We have no words to describe the albums; the quality of the photographs, the colors, everything is just so beautiful. And the way you designed the lay-out is also great.

You were always so enthusiastic, sweet to us and you really went the extra mile. Seeing how everything comes together in these amazing albums… Couldn’t have been better! Thanks so much Nadia, for everything!!"

- Douwe & Melissa

Frequently asked questions

(and frequently given aswers)

Style matters

Don’t worry, 90% of all people on this website were a bit nervous to say the least, or straightforward scared shitless in the worst case, to stand in front of a camera. I consider it my job (not yours!) to make sure you look amazing in my photographs, so let go of your fears :)

How do I do this? During the shoot, I will not ask you to ‘smile spontaneously’ or something else that will kill your most beautiful, genuine smile. However, I will make you feel comfy, ask you about the silliest (or loveliest) characteristic of your spouse, I might give you little games to play… Anything that makes you feel relaxed and at ease. Instead of asking to act as if you have a good time, you’ll just have a good time and I’ll document that. And that’s when you look amazing as well :)

Yes please! :) I totally recommend that. It is fun and you finally get nice photographs of you and your love. You could even use the photographs to make your wedding invitation. But first and foremost, if we do a loveshoot, you get used to me and my way of working with you. And when you see the results, you can stop worrying about whether you can look good in photos. Yes, even you can ;-)

I may be a doctor, but if I wanted to pimp body parts, I would have become a plastic surgeon instead of a photographer! :P So no, I don’t photoshop things in/out/smaller/firmer. However, if you are insecure or unhappy with a specific feature, please tell me. I will keep it in mind, and give you some more specific directions during the shoot, so the emphasis will be on the features that you like the most.

Hehehe… I don’t think so! For light pictures, the least I need is some daylight! The cave sounds very atmospheric with all the candles and stuff, but if you really want light pictures, a beach wedding might be a better choice for you :) I will definitely take very atmospheric shots of the cave though :)

The bad news:
No :) I believe that you are unique, and it would be a bit silly to just copy-paste a photograph of someone else’s wedding day. Plus, in my first years I learned that these ‘helpful’ shot lists are killing for creativity. I repeat: KILLING :)
The good news:
I can guarantee that I’ll put my heart and soul in capturing your wedding :) I’ll look for unusual points of view, try creative things, spot details that you might not have seen yet, and I’ll always try to go beyond what you expect. I truly hope that you will hire me because you like my eye and my style; and I hope to deliver photographs that are even more beautiful than photo x, y and z. Because it is your wedding, with your emotions, your friends and family, and of course your very own husband/wife ;-)

Yes! :) That’s the 1 exception to the ‘no shot list’ policy. Of course we’ll take group shots if you want that! We all know that your parents will treasure them forever, and that your grandmom will proudly show them to all her friends during their weekly bingo night… Every week. That’s genius!
I do recommend to limit it to a maximum of, let’s say, 10 group shots, to prevent your guests and yourself from severe boredom. I mean, be honest… There are nicer things to do on your wedding day, than to take posed shots of you and your bored uncle’s neighbour, right? But your parents, sibs, best friends… We’ll definitely make sure they will show up in the group shots!

Ehm… it’s not obliged! But one of my greatest assets is that I love to dance :) I laugh a lot. I tend to get the happiest out of people. I would make you feel at ease if you’d be nervous. I don’t take myself too seriously. I am easy going and always try to think about how to serve you best. And of course I hope that my photographs and vision appeal to you :)


Technical matters

Well, that’s a pretty bad case scenario. Fortunately I never missed any of my 120+ weddings, but I’m only human too!
First and foremost: I would do anything to be there, but also photographers can break their leg. So if it’s really not possible for me to come, no panic. I have a large network of colleagues that I can count on through facebook and whatsapp. I’ve seen multiple photographic emergency situations coming across in the past few years, and in all cases, a replacing photographer was found within the hour. So even if it’s in the middle of the night, I am virtually 100% sure that I can find you another cool photographer.

At weddings, I always carry 2 cameras and 7 lenses with me. I like adventure, but for important occasions it’s better to be safe than sorry. If anything breaks, there is no problem. I’ll even keep smiling, because I’ve got a good insurance.

I shoot with Canon. My first dSLR was a second hand, analog Canon, and it came with 2 lenses. When I made the transition to digital, it was logical to stay with Canon, so I could keep my lenses. So I never consciously made a choice for a specific brand, but I must say that I am beyond happy with my gear :) (Sometimes I feel like a man when it comes to this! Hahaha)

My equipment on your wedding consists of a Canon 5DMarkIII (a beast! I LOVE it!!) and a Canon 5DMarkII as back-up. I use lenses in the range from 16-105mm. But 90% of my photographs are made with my favorites: the 35mm F1.4, 50mm F1.2 and 85mm F1.4.

Count on 6-8 weeks for me to finish your entire collection of wedding photographs. This is an estimate and it can take a bit longer, depending on how busy I am. I don’t strive to deliver your photos as quick as possible; I do want to deliver them as beautiful as possible though :)

You get at least 30 photos per hour. But if there are more fantastic shots, you’ll get a larger amount. Without additional costs. It’s a bit more work for me, but I don’t mind. More beautiful photographs means more happiness for you, and for me too :)

Nopes! The RAW-files will always stay with me. I consider my work finished only when your photographs are meticulously edited. I edit every single photograph individually for light, color and contrast. My post processing is an important part of my style. No single picture leaves my house unedited (even my friends and family don’t get anything straight out of my camera :)) If you like my work, I’d love to deliver your photographs in Nadia-style to you too.

Well, it depends. For some couples, it’s a part of the day they look really forward too, and for others (especially the ones who hate having their photographs taken) it would be a source of horror, so they’d rather skip the photo shoot entirely. Well, let me get one thing straight: we’re not going to do anything you don’t feel like on your wedding day. But it’s my responsibility as your photographer to at least explain to you why I think it’s a good idea to do it, even if it’s only for 30 minutes.

Here are my arguments:
1. Many years ago, when I just started out, I’d just follow the wishes of my couples without any critical side marks. They didn’t want a shoot? No problem, we’d skip it without a second thought. I thought that I was doing them a great favor, but later I learned that I was so wrong. Some of them actually regretted their decision. As much as they loved the ‘spontaneous’ shots, only after the wedding they realized they missed having a few photographs of just the two of them. To hang on the wall, give as a present to mums and dads, or to use as a Thank you card. And maybe even more: to just have beautiful photographs where it’s really about them and about their love, with carefully chosen backgrounds and compositions, and with beautiful light.
2. Many couples tell me that, even though beforehand they didn’t really consider the photoshoot as one of the most important parts of the day, they got to really value it on the day itself. The quiet quality time, the silence before the storm, just having the time to breathe, the opportunity to look each other in the eyes and have moments of connection before all the festivities would get the most of their attention… In the end, it always turns out to be much appreciated.
3. If you reserve time for the photoshoot before the ceremony, you’ll have some buffer time in case preparations are going slower than expected. And trust me, things actually WILL go slower than you expect on wedding days :) I don’t stress if we have to give in 15-30 minutes of the shoot to delays, so from this point of view, a photoshoot can serve as a great anti-stress tool!
4. You’ll probably end up liking the photographs more than you can imagine right now. But even in the EXTREMELY unlikely and hypothetical scenario that you don’t like them, this is the good news: There is no problem! You can delete all you want and just think back of the fun moments you guys had during the shoot! However, vice versa: it’s going to be preeeeetty tough to magically get photographs of moments you didn’t create. In other words: if you don’t plan it, you’re not gonna have it. So you could very well just follow my advice, take that leap of faith and reserve like 30-45 minutes of your wedding day for fun quality times with your uture husband/wife while some photographer is walking around you and doing their own magic, as a surprise for yourself afterwards. Pinky promise – you won’t regret it.

Of course it depends on what you want. Generally speaking, I recommend to take 30-45 minutes time for 1 location, or 1,5 hours for 2 locations. It might sound like a lot, but my experience is that this is not too much. Like this, you’ll get the time to relax and get to feel comfy in front of the camera. Don’t forget to include time for traveling to/from the photo location, time to search for a parking space in a crowded city etc.

Aaaahh… yes please!! I live in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, but I love to travel! Within the Netherlands, travel costs are included. I would love to shoot destination weddings all over the world, so don’t hesitate to get in touch with me, and see what I can do for you!

If you want to be sure that I am still available on your wedding, I recommend to get in touch with me as soon as you can. Especially Fridays and Saturdays in May-October are popular wedding dates. If you wait for too long, chances are that another couple has booked me before you did! Preferably drop me a line about 9-12 months before your wedding, so you have a good possbility of me being available on your big day.
Are you getting married really soon? Depending on the date, I might have a last-minute spot (with discount!) available for you! So mail me a.s.a.p., you might as well be lucky! :)!


Whoa… after all this you still have a question? Let me know and I’ll get back to you soon! :)