Wedding photography Australia – Craig & Renske

I could start this blogpost super casual, as it would be absolutely normal to travel to Australia to photograph a wedding – just another day at the office, yaaawnnn! – and nag about the jet lag and the weight of my photography trolley and oh, these awful tropical temperatures! ;-) But heck: ever since Renske and Craig asked me to fly to the other end of the world for their wedding, I felt like a wedding photography rockstar and I won’t deny it :D

I had never been to Australia, but I expected it to be a lot of fun and it was even better than that, I didn’t know so much cool stuff could fit into 5 weeks! The wedding was in Melbourne so I spent a few days there with Renske, Craig and their families & friends, and I used the opportunity to visit my friend Alice in Sydney. On the way back home I made quite an indulging ‘stopover’ of 2,5 weeks in Bali for a beach holiday together with Alice and my other awesome friend Emmily, and for a 1-week silent retreat in the middle of the rice fields, all by myself. Such a crazy adventure! I am forever thankful to Craig and Renske for initiating all this awesomeness :)

The wedding day of Craig and Renske was at Gully Gum farm, a lovely, rustic wedding venue on the hills, surrounded by (AMAZING) eucalyptus trees, and there even was a kiwi tree in the garden! I had never even realized how kiwis grew – love it when I leave a wedding with more botanical knowledge :) From the girls getting ready until the end of the party, everything was at the same venue, which made for a super relaxed atmosphere. And the later it got, the crazier stuff became, just the way I love it >:-) The party was so much fun and I also enjoyed the hilarious afterparty, when one of the bridesmaids gave my tired body a massage by walking around on my back… I thought I would die from laughing! I may have to write a behind the scenes blog post with picture proof one day, but first things first: here’s the stunning wedding of Renske and Craig in Australia!