Wedding photographer Italy – Edo & Vanessa

Confession: I haven’t been blogging for a looooooong long while. I was so busy shooting awesome weddings, that I just didn’t get to it. But it’s such a pity to hide all those beauties from you, so the coming few months I’ll try to catch up and show you what I’ve been doing the last 1,5 year, haha!

I just want to start off with one of the most awesome weddings that I’ve ever attended; the wedding of the super lovely Edo and Vanessa in Italy. It was in July 2013 already(!) but it was such an amazing weekend that I still really want to share it with you :) Edo and Vanessa were so sweet to invite me to stay with them both days; the first, more formal wedding day and the second, informal day: pool party!

The first day started in Orvieto, with the ceremony in a wonderful opera building: Teatro Mancinelli. It just had everything – ceilings covered with the most incredibly colorful painings, walls richy decorated, guests from all over the world in festive outfits, I just didn’t know where to look! The ceremony itself was emotional and quick – very Italian ;-)

After the ceremony, we went to the breathtaking venue Griffin’s resort. The ultrashort photoshoot was followed by a informal and relaxed reception and dinner near the pool. And oh, please don’t get me started about the food!

The open-air party was one to never forget. I’m not sure which part I enjoyed the most:
a) taking photographs of dancing people, or
b) being a dancing person myself.

Boy, did I dance that night! We crawled back to bed around 4-5AM to wake up pretty hungover the next day, haha!

And then – pool party day! What a great way to recover from such a beautiful and intense day. It was also perfect that Edo and Vanessa got to spend more quality time with their loved ones, who live all over the world and who they don’t see all too regularly.

And let me tell you that I loved this day as much as the first day. Edo, Vanessa and their guests made me really feel at home around them, we had talks and fun and little swims, and I can tell you that shooting in bikini in the sun wasn’t the worst working environment that I’ve seen either! There was champagne, karaoke by the pool and of course plenty of food that still leaves me mouthwatering…

However, dear über awesome, fun, sweet and loving Edo and Vanes, I can’t stress enough how you and your guests really made this weekend. I absolutely enjoyed your relaxed and warm company; I will never forget this wedding weekend in Italy and how you people made me feel. Grazie mille! :)

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