Wedding photographer Berlin – Johannes & Soraa

When you find yourself happy to travel for 8 hours to photograph a wedding between Berlin and the Polish border, you know it’s going to be a legendary one! I had looked forward so much to this wedding and well… You can see for yourself how it turned out ;-)

Johannes and Soraa live in Berlin, and brought all their loved ones together for 1 awesome wedding weekend at Haus Tornow am See. The venue is located by a lake and it’s completely overgrown with ivy – so pretty!

Johannes and Soraa wanted their wedding to be a fun, relaxed day, with enough time for the guests just to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. They could go for a walk in the woods, sit by the water, take a tour with the rowing boat, or just change their wedding outfits for their bathings suits and have a refreshing dive in the lake. Amen!

I love it when a wedding is set up to be stress-free. I love it when people feel so comfy that they just take out their book and read, or take a nap, or drink champagne straight from the bottle. I just completely, totally loved this.

Also awesome: Soraa’s mother is a goldsmith, and she is the one who designed and handmade the (stunning) wedding rings. And the day was filled with music; since Johannes is a music & sports teacher, he has gathered some seriously talented people around him, and they all contributed by singing or playing music and it gave such a personal, relaxed feel to the day. Not to mention the performances that Johannes gave away himself!

Thanks Johannes and Soraa for your complete trust. I loved how you were super enthusiastic, shiny and happy :) Thanks for taking such good care of me and thank so much that I could be this close to you on your wedding weekend. I wish you looooooots of love and an awesome future together ♥