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Hoe zou je een bruiloft moeten organiseren zonder alle enthousiaste mensen die achter de schermen hard werken en hun talenten inzetten?  

Ik heb het genoegen te mogen samenwerken met veel verschillende professionals die 1 ding gemeen hebben: de passie  voor hun vak. Graag laat ik jullie zien met wie ik prettig heb samengewerkt, op welke locaties de ontvangst supergastvrij was, op welke muziek leuke dansjes werden gedaan etc. Met warm hart beveel ik jullie onderstaande leveranciers graag aan! :)

De meeste van deze collega’s komen uit Nederland, maar de meerderheid werkt ook graag buiten onze landsgrenzen. Dus ook als je gaat trouwen in het buitenland, aarzel niet om ze te benaderen! Oh, en neem mij gerust mee :) 


 ~ ♥ ~


What is a wedding without its enthusiastic, funky and kind people contributing their talents and skills?

I’ve had the pleasure of working with many professionals who have 1 thing in common: they are passionate about what they are doing. Whether it is their outstanding hospitality, their amazing organizational talents, their eye for styling or their fabulous video stills; I recommend these selected vendors heartily to you.

Most of these people are from the Netherlands. However, most of them love to travel to destination weddings as well. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with them! And don’t forget to take me with you :)



Make up & Hair styling




Bruidstaarten enzo ~ Wedding cakes and more sweetness




Wedding planners




Buitengewoon ambtenaren ~ Wedding celebrants




Videografen ~ Videographers




Muziek ~ Music




Trouwlocaties in Nederland, alleen de ceremonie ~
Wedding venues in the Netherlands, only the ceremony




Trouwlocaties in Italië voor de hele dag ~
Wedding venues in Italy for the entire day




Trouwlocaties in Nederland voor de hele dag ~
Wedding venues in the Netherlands for the entire day




Our chemistry was captured,
exactly what we were looking for.
Thank you Nadia!
- Olivier + Jacqueline

About me

So happy to see you!! Well, this is me - Nadia. I am a photographer & business coach (and a medical doctor, but let me tell you more about that later). You're about to find out really soon that my heart beats faster when I see and photograph colors, laughter, hugs, real emotions, and when I get to connect with people that I've known for a long time or that I've just met. 

Since 2009 I've captured more than 120 weddings and 150 photoshoots - they still make me bubbly because being around people is my greatest hobby, I love taking photos while dancing and eating cake, and the traveling part isn't bad either! I've had the honor to shoot weddings and portraits in Australia, Qatar, Italy, Greece, France and a handful of other countries in Europe, so exciting! 

I find capturing love, fun and life an adventure in so many ways, will you come with me? 

We're freaking out over here,
they are incredible!! Wow!!
- Joshua + Marisol

International work

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