Yay, so happy to see you!! Great that you're here, I'm not sure how you got here, but that doesn't matter, you're more than welcome wherever you're from. As you'll see, this website is about wedding and portrait photography, and it's filled to the brim with photos of people with big smiles and warm hearts. 

In case you have any questions, let me know and I'd be happy to help you out. But first: enjoy! 

(The 6 photographs below give you a quick impression of my work; if you scroll down and click here&there, you'll see more soon!)

About me

Well, this is me - Nadia. I'm a photographer & business coach (and a medical doctor, but let me tell you more about that later). I love to see and photograph colors, laughter, hugs, real emotions, and I get really happy when I get to connect with people that I've just met or known for a long time. 

Since 2009 I've captured more than 120 weddings and 150 photoshoots - they still make me bubbly because being around people is my greatest hobby, I love taking photos while dancing and eating cake, and the traveling part isn't bad either! I've had the honor to shoot weddings and portraits in Australia, Qatar, Italy, Greece, France and a handful of other countries in Europe, so exciting! 

Capturing love, fun and life is an adventure in so many ways, will you come with me? 

Thank you for the amazing pictures
& for your super-high-full-of-love-
ultra-positive energy!
- JP + Marjella


My work was published on several wedding blogs and other websites. Here are a few of them!

We're freaking out over here,
they are incredible!! Wow!!
- Joshua + Marisol

International work

If you're curious to see where photography has brought me, or if you just want to dream about countries far away, about travels and adventures... here are some of the stories that I've shot abroad over the years 

Our chemistry was captured,
exactly what we were looking for.
Thank you Nadia!
- Olivier + Jacqueline

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Persoonlijk | High tea bij mij thuis (yummy-alert!)

Het is zaterdag, dat betekent een beetje tijd voor mezelf, en waaraan kun je dat beter besteden dan aan een gezellig persoonlijk blogje? :) Mijn lieve zusje Nisma had een paar weken geleden het plan opgevat een high tea te organiseren. Bij mij thuis, want haar eigen kamertje in de Weesperflat in Amsterdam is ongeveer…