We live in the 21th century and everyone on this earth has a smartphone in their pockets with a selfie camera ánd a normal camera. Some even have 3D cameras and facial recognition, I've been told.

I hope this can stay between you and me, but my fancy expensive professional photographer's camera doesn't even have a selfie mode. And if you want to see yourself in 3D, you'll need to actually look at your own body in real life, because my camera isn't going to do it for you. So why would you ever want to do a photoshoot with a professional photographer, for example yours truly?

I can't really think of any good reasons why, so I thought I'd just show you these photographs and you can decide for yourself whether this all makes sense.

Okay bye! 

Some of my favorite portraits

Happy words

"We really loved the pictures and so did our entire family! Everyone was very pleased with the pictures and how perfect it was in terms of how we imagined it.

We're really happy that we met you and it was an absolute pleasure to be photographed by you. Thank you for everything Nadia and keep up the good work!"

- Shamel & Juhainah

"Nadia!!!! The photographs are unbelievably beautiful and cool - and there are so many of them!! Amazing variation too, they will make a really great album! We are incredibly happy and delighted with the photos, thanks for everything!!"

- Micha & Leonie

"Thanks so much for sharing the lovely pictures!! I'm really happy with them :) I also really enjoyed our time together taking the pictures and want to thank you for making it a great success!

So thanks again for the beautiful photos... for sure i will recommend you to anyone else i speak to wanting to find a great photographer!!"

- Irene

How we’ll work together

The chance is pretty big that you're not a professional model, so you'll probably be a tiny little bit excited about the fact that you'll be photographed.

In order to get really comfy it's important not to rush, so getting rid of the nerves is our first and most important task. It's my experience that after that, things will go super smoothly and you'll probably wonder why you hadn't ever considered a modeling career before.

We'll walk around Amsterdam or in nature, and as we go, we'll find beautiful spots that we can use as backdrops for our photographs. I'll give you suggestions on what to do with that body, maybe little playful assignments or I'll ask you questions that will help you relax and feel free. So you don't need to worry about how you look or what to do. 

An example of a typical shoot schedule: You two cuddle a bit. I click a bit. We laugh a bit. And before you know, my memory cards are full of cheerful shots and we're finished. You feel all bubbly and shiny - it wasn't that scary after all. 


Prices of a fun photoshoot start at €295 (terrible photoshoots get a discount, mail me for more info). This price always includes my very own self, complete with 9 years of experience and inspiration and a really good mood, and an awesome knowlegde of nice spots and beautiful light in Amsterdam. We can totally go further away into nature as well, I'd actually LOVE that! Also, I have a hidden superpower: to bring a lot of variety into my shoots, in terms of composition, emotion, background, color and overall feel, so you get the most out of the shoot.

    You can find all the practical information about portrait sessions below. This is basically all you need to decide whether or not we'll go for a really fun photography adventure with hugs and laughter! Looking forward to meeting you!




    • 2 hours of photography 
    • You can have 2 outfit changes (optional)

      This package includes:
    • A 20x20cm album with 30 photos
    • 125 digital files in high resolution
    • Online gallery 
    • Travel expenses within Amsterdam

      Price: € 650,-
    • 1,5 hours of photography 
    • You can have 1 outfit change (optional)

      This package includes:
    • A 15x10cm album with 15 photos
    • 75 digital files in high resolution
    • Online gallery 
    • Travel expenses within Amsterdam

      Price: € 450,-
    • 1 hour of photography 
    • No change of outfits - who needs that anyway? :)

      This package includes:
    • No album, but you're allowed to make one!
    • 30 digital files in high resolution
    • Online gallery 
    • Travel expenses within Amsterdam

      Price: € 295,-

    TRAVEL EXPENSES // For portrait sessions outside of Amsterdam, travel expenses are €0,35/km, calculated from Amsterdam Central Station.

    EXTRA PEOPLE // These prices are for a portrait session with 1-2 people. For more people, please add €50 per person.