Time to play :) and introducing my Personal Assistant – Nisma!

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The past few months years I’ve been working like crazy. It might sound silly, but I’ve never really expected that things would go so well, and so fast! It has been truly overwhelming; I am honored and humbled, and so thankful for all the work that results from this!


Time to play!

However, it’s not always easy to combine this huge amount of work with relaxing. So as a reward for all my hard work, now the time has come to play! :)
Before the wicked wedding season starts again, I’ll take a few weeks off. I’ll read books, go to museums, wander around in Amsterdam, meet up with friends, lie in the grass, enjoy the sun, go to my philosophy and ceramics classes, dance, sing, sleep… And maybe even make a photo album of my own pictures from 10 years ago! :) Wow!


So… what about the emails, the questions from brides and grooms, the financial administration, the blogposts etc? 

Meet my sister, the awesome one and only… Nisma! *confetti!*

Nisma is going to be my personal assistant from now on! She is super sweet, buys the best gifts in the world, is good looking, sporty, and a master in baking cakes (we love throwing cake parties together!). Lucky me! I love that she never takes herself too seriously. No kidding – today she told me that her greatest ambition at this point in life, is to have a double chin. A double chin!! (I didn’t know how to respond, so I acted as if I didn’t hear it)

Nisma studies biology and wants to be a marine biologist, so she can travel to tropical islands and go diving, and call it work. She is an animal lover and her rabbit is called Malassezzia furfur. Nisma is also the personal assistent of a professor, and she even decided which race car he had to buy! I guess my email and everything else are safe in her hands :) By the way, did I tell you that we share 50% of our DNA too? Like I told you, she is awesome.


What does this mean for you? 

  • I will not be available for assignments in this period
  • Nisma and I will regularly discuss what’s going on, in terms of new inquiries for weddings, emails, financial things, questions etc. 
  • I’ll spend a few hours per week to meet couples who are getting married, so cool weddings… keep coming! :)  
  • On April 22 I’ll be back at work and my skin will look as if I’m 16 years old (I am excited already!)


To top this blogpost off, I have gathered proof of Nisma’s awesomeness. Here are some super random funny pictures, that I collected over the years while being her sister; some including our V.I.P. brother Mathias, who is a star on his own! Looking at these pictures makes me happy, I hope you will enjoy them too :)

Please everyone, give her a warm applause or nice words… Welcome Nisma! :)
Oh, and wish me luck doing nothing, I’ll need it! ;-) Maybe after I finished 1 project: I’ve been secretly working on a new website and it will be online soon, hahaha. But after that new site is launched… no excuses :)

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  • Neletha

    I’m so proud of you three…

    Nisma for being your helping hand…
    you for being her helping hand…
    VIP for being the big brother…

    Love you all!!ReplyCancel

  • Emmily

    Reading your post makes me smile big time and laugh really hard ( so thank you for making everybody’s head here in the office turn my way with frond eyebrows and the she-is-definitely-crazy-looks… ;)

    You two are AWESOME!! And I expect nothing less, the two of you = the best!ReplyCancel

  • Nophert Elias

    Love it Nadia! If I ever get married (malesh mafish!) I will be wanting you to come and play :)ReplyCancel