Welcome to the blog! This is the only page on my website where you'll find entire stories, instead of random highlights loosely put together, like on the rest of this site.
So, what can you do on this blog? I'd say, your most important task is to enjoy! And in case you're looking for a photographer, you have a second most important task: to read the stories, look at the photographs and see how your heart and mind react to it.
Do the blogposts make you happy, melancholic, angry or something else? Do they make you want to get married to your favorite person or not really? Give it a shot! In case you could imagine that it's you in these photographs, and if that idea makes you happy, drop me a line and we'll take it from there!
Happy scrolling!

Fotograaf Amersfoort & Soesterduinen – Coen & Juliënne

Warning: if you dislike hot couples, awesome historical city centers, serene sand dunes with amazingly beautiful trees and LOTS of fun, please be gentle to yourself and close this window. Do it… Now :) If you’re still there, good for you! :) Because this shoot is one that makes my heart beat a little bit faster. I swear…

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