Welcome to the blog! This is the only page on my website where you'll find a wider selection of the photographs I take during weddings and photoshoots. Not just a few of the highlights, but entire stories of those beautiful days, wanting to be told in their entirety.
So, what can you do here? I'd say, your most important task is to enjoy! And in case you're looking for a photographer, you have a second most important task: to read the stories, look at the photographs and see how your heart and mind react to it.
Do the blogposts make you happy, melancholic, angry or something else? Do they make you want to get married to your favorite person or not really? Give it a shot! In case you could imagine that it's you in these photographs, and if that idea makes you happy, drop me a line and we'll take it from there!
Happy scrolling!

Photography safari Kenya – Masai Mara

Recently, the ever funny and Africa-loving fellow photographer Evert Doorn told me that he came across an amazing opportunity. He wanted to go on a last-minute photography safari in Kenya, and he was looking for someone to take the plunge and go with him. I thought I couldn’t go because of my medical work, so I kindly…

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