About Nadia

To avoid any misunderstandings, let me start with the disclaimer: I hardly ever look as good as in the pictures on this page. 

I tend to get a bit awkward when I have to talk about myself (especially challenging: talking about my weekend, my holidays etc). Fortunately, we live in the age of the internet, so I can take a few moments to think of what I'll tell you and write down some silly jokes. But since we may get to know each other really soon, it may be nice for you to get an idea of who I am (in case you were still absolutely clueless after going through this pretty colorful and cheerful website). 

I love a good bit of structure, so for your convenience, you can read a bit more about me in the following three main categories:

  1. as a photographer
  2. as a person; and
  3. as a medical doctor
I wear glasses
most of the time,
but honestly I'm
not a big fan :)

… as a photographer

Soo... I am a wedding & portrait photographer. If you want to know more, you may find it interesting to have a look at my website!

Also, after work is done I love to hug brides and grooms. 

… as a person

All the fun in the world hardly means anything to me if I don't have my people around: my love, my family, my friends who count as family too, but also my couples, colleagues, patients and my goofy fellow GPs in training. 

In my spare time, when I'm not studying, working or chilling with my friends and family, I love drawing and painting (for example this cute chameleon right here) and I'm really passionate about learning creative skills or picking up new knowledge. Courses, workshops and trainings, hand them over please! On my wish list is getting to know more about nature, learning how to sew and much more. 

If you ever want to make me do something, the best strategy would be to convince me with fruit - the more the better. My personal fruit eating record involves 2 apples, 2 bananas, a mandarin, 2 cactus fruits, two hands full of dates, 1 mango and a bunch of grapes, in 4 hours.  

What else? My father is from Egypt and my mom from the Netherlands. I love colors. I was born in 1985. Laughing and dancing make me happy.

That was really all I could think of in terms of semi-useful information for you. If you want to know more about me, just ask! 

… as a medical doctor

When I was a 6-year old and decided that I wanted to be a doctor, my main reason was that I wanted to make people better. My dear grandfather was really ill at that time, and it was impossible for me to understand why the doctors couldn’t cure him. It couldn’t be that difficult, I thought, and it was really frustrating that there was nothing I could do.  

Fast forward 25+ years, and I’m training to become a general practitioner (huisarts in opleiding). During my studies, it really started sinking in (and every day more so) how complicated -and incredibly beautiful- the human body is. It's a humbling experience, getting to learn about all these processes; from the formation of an embryo into a newborn, to how illness and death occur. 

I learned that 'making people better' is a wonderful thing. However, life is also a mystery in so many ways. There are diseases that can be cured, but for some we have no cure yet. But I also learned that even if you can’t cure someone, you are not entirely powerless. You can still help them, at least a little bit. By making a connection, by listening to their stories and finding out what matters to them. And by trying to support them in taking care of themselves as well as possible under their specific circumstances.

To be honest with you, the job is not an easy one. There are long days, big responsibilities, complex processes that need a constant awareness of every single detail, and always that darn time pressure. Nevertheless, it's also a fulfilling and inspiring calling, and I am thankful that I got the chance to do this with my one and only life. 

There is one big thing that I've learned from talking to people who are ill and their families. We tend to think that we’ll live forever. But we are vulnerable beings and the time that we have on this earth is precious. I think that building connections, loving each other and treasuring time is what really matters, not taking any day for granted. And that's why I want to make memories as much as I can.

Random photographs of my life