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Aaah… dit ben ik! Nadia, geboren in 1985 en ik woon in een schattig klein huisje in Amsterdam.

Ik heb geneeskunde gestudeerd, en sinds mei 2012 ben ik arts. Na mijn afstuderen ging het ineens heel hard met fotografie, en heb ik 3 jaar lang full-time als portret- en bruidsfotograaf gewerkt.

Nu -ruim 100 bruiloften en 130 fotoshoots verder!- ben ik weer terug bij mijn oude liefde, de geneeskunde. Al sinds mijn 7e wilde ik dokter worden, en hoewel de fotografie me enorm veel leuke avonturen en lieve nieuwe vrienden heeft bezorgd, bleef de geneeskunde lonken. Ik heb inmiddels het beste van beide werelden: sinds maart 2015 werk ik parttime als arts -bijzonder werk waar ik veel voldoening uit haal- en parttime als fotograaf. Ik ben blij en dankbaar dat ik de kans heb gekregen deze twee passies te combineren. In zowel de fotografie als het artsenwerk is het aangaan van een verbinding met andere mensen essentieel, en dat is precies waar ik energie van krijg.


Yes, this is me :) I am Nadia, born in 1985 and I live in a cute and cosy home, in a beautiful part of Amsterdam. 

I studied medicine and graduated as a medical doctor in 2012. Right after graduating, my love for photography went out of proportion, so I became a full-time portrait & wedding photographer for 3 years.  

More than 100 weddings and 130 portrait shoots later, I got back to medicine, my first love. I’ve wanted to become a doctor since I was seven, and even though I really enjoyed the crazy adventures and the lovely new friends that photography gave me, medicine kept calling me. And I’ve managed to get the best of both worlds. Since March 2015, I work part-time as a doctor and part-time as a photographer. I’m happy and grateful that I got the chance to combine these two passions. The essence of both jobs is making a connection with other people, and that’s exactly what gives me energy, day after day.

Our chemistry was captured,
exactly what we were looking for.
Thank you Nadia!
- Olivier + Jacqueline

About me

So happy to see you!! Well, this is me - Nadia. I am a photographer & business coach (and a medical doctor, but let me tell you more about that later). You're about to find out really soon that my heart beats faster when I see and photograph colors, laughter, hugs, real emotions, and when I get to connect with people that I've known for a long time or that I've just met. 

Since 2009 I've captured more than 120 weddings and 150 photoshoots - they still make me bubbly because being around people is my greatest hobby, I love taking photos while dancing and eating cake, and the traveling part isn't bad either! I've had the honor to shoot weddings and portraits in Australia, Qatar, Italy, Greece, France and a handful of other countries in Europe, so exciting! 

I find capturing love, fun and life an adventure in so many ways, will you come with me? 

We're freaking out over here,
they are incredible!! Wow!!
- Joshua + Marisol

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